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8 Products From Walmart That Are On Trend Without The Spend

The internet hasn’t just changed how we shop but what we shop for. Walmart's TrendGetter site has everything you need to stay on trend but, as always, at an affordable price.

1. This Bodycology Chilled Bubbly Fragrance Body Mist that sprays a spritz of classiness every time you use it.

body mist

2. This bottle of ITK Broad Spectrum Sunscreen and Setting Mist for when you want to smell sweet in the sun.

sunscreen setting mist

3. These Rebels Refinery Natural Strawberry Mango and Key Lime Pineapple Lip Balms that are ironically shaped like pineapples and will keep your lips from being prickly.

4. This box of Emergen-C 1000Mg Vitamin C Powder so you can take your vitamin C on the go.

vitamin C powder box

5. These Kradle Calming Bliss Bars that will have your pooch barking for more bars!

bliss bars package

6. These whipped chocolate mousse LEAN BARS for when you want something sweet to fuel you.

lean bars box

7. These Quest Protein Cookies perfect for the snacker who wants15 grams of protein.

quest protein cookies box

8. This Find Your Happy Place Liquid Gel Hand Wash Lazy Weekends Sweet Almond And Vanilla Bean that will keep your hands as clean as your weekend schedule.

the hand wash

With online pickup and delivery, getting what you need is so easy with the Walmart app. Check out the new and trending page at Walmart's TrendGetter site to shop for trends anywhere for less!