15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Popular Toys

You know you’re a kid at heart, but how much do you really know about toys? Gain some knowledge here, and find the most popular toys by checking out the Walmart top toy list chosen by real kids. Because playing is serious business!

1. Crayola now has a marker maker kit. You can literally MAKE YOUR OWN COLORS.


2. And did you know that Crayola crayons are the 18th most recognizable scent?

Coffee and peanut butter are first and second, respectively.

3. It took over 4,000 hours to program Zoomer, this interactive, robotic dog.

See, Mom? There’s no mess to pick up. It’s the perfect toy.

4. Every week, six million Hot Wheels cars are produced.

That’s over FOUR BILLION cars since 1968.

5. The Fisher-Price Farm has also been around since 1968.

Over 10.5 million have been sold since then.

6. And Fisher-Price's Crawl Around Car was inspired by watching how infants play on the floor.

7. Barbie's first dreamhouse was made out of cardboard in 1962.


Now she lives in a mansion. My, times have changed.

8. Mila Kunis was once in a Barbie commercial, BTW.

9. Batman and Robin have been featured in every Imaginext Batcave toy so far.

But really, what is the Batcave without Batman and Robin?

10. There are some surprising Easter eggs in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles playset.


You can “practice your ninja skills” on an effigy of Shredder. It’s all about the details.

11. For the first time ever, Nerf has a line of products marketed towards girls!

And they come in more colors than pink. Watch out Katniss!

12. There's also a new Nerf gun that can fire 18 darts in six seconds.

Proving once again that you can’t bring a plastic sword to a Nerf gun fight.

13. This baby toy that can speak 12 different languages.


14. It took more than 20 people to program the Flutterbye Fairy.



15. And the Furby is 15 years old now! That means it's as old as Britney Spears' hit "…Baby One More Time."



They’re both back! And better than ever.

Find more popular toys chosen by kids at Walmart.

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