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10 Tips For Throwing A Successful Game Day Party

With sports season at a close, we all want our game day parties to be a touchdown. Walmart has all the essentials you need to make your gathering extra special.

1. Do play with your food.

A plate of guacamole dip

2. Don’t forget to take cover.

A table filled with Game Day food

3. Get all the glory with themed decorations.

A table bedecked with Game Day decorations

4. Don't fumble on food quantity.

An aerial view of hotdogs and appetizers

5. Set up games for the win.

A father and son playing outdoor games

6. Make room for huddle space.

Guests dining at home

7. Create a dedicated food area.

Two cheeseboards on a table

8. Prepare your seating strategy.

Friends gathered on the couch

9. Score points with goody bags.

Gift bags on a table

10. Don’t forget to be a spectator.

Friends celebrating while watching the game

Whatever you need for game day, Walmart is your trusty one-stop shop, from food to decorations to essentials.

All images via Getty.