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10 Of Your Favorite Toys Then And Now

Toys have changed a lot, but you'll be surprised about which toys on this list stuck around. Check out old and new favorites in Walmart's amazing Toy Catalog this season.

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1. Barbie Dreamhouse

Then: One floor.

Now: Three floors (basically a mansion).

2. Nerf Guns

Then: Five darts (probably two because you lost three under your couch).

Now: Eighteen darts in six seconds. BLAM.

3. Play Phones

Then: No idea what happens when I stick my fingers in these holes.

Now: Kids mean business with their flip phones.

4. Furbies

Then: Furbies were sah cute.

Now: They're human. You can teach it to speak more English than Furbish (the national language of Furbies, duh).

5. Nintendo Handheld Video Game Systems

Then: Constantly blowing on cartridges.

Now: Just download them, yeah, whatevs.

6. Power Wheels

John Tornow/CC BY http://2.0/Flickr: 33602281@N00

Then: Your trusted two wheeler.

Now: FM radio and a cup holder, SWAG.

7. Guess Who?

Then: Lots of mustachioed friends.

Now: Now pizza friends, which we are cool with.

8. Remote Control Airplanes

Tony Crescibene/CC BY http://2.0/Flickr: 70949736@N00

Then: The idea that the plane moved at all without you throwing it was pretty cool.

Now: There is one remote for each hand that has motion censors, so if you spread your arms and tilt, the plane does the same thing.

9. Fisher-Price Play Farm Sets

Then: Sort of just looks like a lunch box.

Now: When you open barn doors it sings to you. SINGS.

10. Real Surprises Baby Doll

bronwyn quilliam/CC BY-ND http://2.0/Flickr: 52774994@N00

Then: No surprises. Might be a pillow.

Now: A doll that "pees," "poops," and speaks Spanish and English.