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10 Stories You Should Share With Your Friends To Seem In The Know

Get smarter, faster. WSJ Social, the new facebook app from The Wall Street Journal has all the latest stories that keep you in-the-know. Whether you're getting a head start on everybody in the morning or trying to impress people over dinner, WSJ Social is perfect for your noggin and your newsfeed.

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1. Scared Of Twitter?

Does saying the right thing in 140 characters have you ready to pull your hair out? We know, Tweeting can be scary. Here are some of the best practices for making sure your tweets are the best they can be.

2. Dunder Mifflin Is Now A Real Paper Company

Have you ever watched “The Office” and thought to yourself, “I wish I could actually buy the paper that they're selling”? If you said “yes” then we are no longer friends. But you can bounce back from the dissolution of our friendship by buying real Dunder Mifflin paper. Find out what other companies are making headlines right here!

4. Google+ Crashes The Facebook Party

Facebook may have mapped more social connections than anyone else, but when it comes to social advertising, Google+ actually may have the advantage. Love to be in the know on the latest tech news? You can catch up in real time right here.

6. Macy's Secret Weapon: Boots And Justin Bieber

This year Macy's plans to unveil its most dangerous weapon yet: Rampage boots for women and Justin Bieber perfume. Stay up on all the latest holiday news right here.

9. What's So Great About "Young Adult"?

We're pretty excited for Diablo Cody's "Young Adult." But just what about this film is so dazzling? Find out what it is about Diablo's latest masterpiece that's got everyone talking.

10. Airlines Are Giving People A Reason To "Cuddle Up"

Want to get a little closer to the person next to you on a flight? An innovative seat design is giving airline passengers a reason to be closer than ever! Find out why it now pays to cuddle up.