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10 Stories To Make Holiday Time Less Boring

Sick of talking about your aunt's terrible table manners? Tired of pretending to be interested in everyone's holiday travel plans? Totally over the chatter near leftover cookies brought into your office? Then change up the conversation this season with WSJ Social from The Wall Street Journal. It's the world's top news for your Facebook news feed. See what's buzz-worthy below and get started with WSJ Social so you can command the conversation.

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1. Meet Ninja Cow

For weeks, a mysterious cow turned up in backyards, wandered down main streets and seemed particularly fond of a tennis court. Find out just what this curious cow was up to.

2. How Would Santa Ship Chocolate Pears and Live Lobsters?

These days, Santa's shipping everything from key lime pies to raw meat to live lobsters through the mail. Find Out how he ensures it arrives to your favorite relative's doorstep in mint condition.

5. How To Sneak In Sports During The Holidays

Sometime this holiday, somebody's going to tell you to stop watching sports. It's going to happen. Take a look at the five-step guide to sneaking in some sports on Christmas weekend.

6. Holiday Decorations Get A Little Less Green

Have you noticed that your neighbors wreaths are looking a little less festive? Find out what untraditional decorations are all the rage this holiday season!

8. Year Of The Talking Phone

With all of the major advancements in tech products this year, it may leave you wondering what exactly is in store for 2012. Take a look at some of the projections for technology in the upcoming year.

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