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10 Delicious Meats That Are Better For You Than Steak

Check out some steak alternatives that are gaining ground in the meat market. And don’t miss WSJ Live's new series, ”Off Duty,” which features the best of food, fashion, music, travel, culture and more!

Goat Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Contrary to what you would think, goat meat tastes more like beef than lamb.

Health Benefits: There's a reason goat is the most widely consumed meat in the world. Not only does it taste great, but it is also lower in fat than chicken and higher in protein than beef.

Alligator Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Although alligator meat may not be exactly the same flavor and texture as chicken, it is quite similar, and could actually compare directly to the texture and taste of catfish, cod, and tilapia.

Health Benefits: Alligator meat provides one of the most efficient sources of edible protein.

Yak Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Yak tastes quite a bit like bison; it’s a rich, lean red meat, but it is even richer and more delicate in flavor than bison.

Health Benefits: Yak meat has twice the protein and half the fat of skinless chicken breast.

Deer Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Venison is darker red and more richly flavored than beef. Farm –raised venison does not have the gamey taste of wild venison.

Health Benefits Venison is low in fat, low in calories and low in cholesterol.

Wild Boar Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Wild Boar meat has a sweet, nutty, and intense flavor and is very high in protein.

Health Benefits: One of the most significant benefits of having wild boar meat is that it is known to produce white blood cells, thus enhancing your immune system.

Buffalo Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Bison is similar in taste to beef, but is coarsely textured and sweet.

Heath Benefits: It has significant advantages over beef — it is high in protein and extremely low in cholesterol. It also has about half the calories and fat of beef.

Rabbit Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Rabbit mean can be described as lean, slightly sweet meat with a closely textured flesh.

Health Benefits: It has virtually no fat and is very high in protein. It is also a good alternative to chicken, with the additional advantage that it is commonly raised without the use of hormones or steroids.

Sqaub Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Squab (Pigeon or Rock Dove) is succulent, rich in dark meat, and delicate in texture.

Health Benefits: The meat from pigeons is lean, full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and is very digestible.

Rattlesnake Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Rattlesnake is light and chewy, with a delicate flavor that resembles chicken.

Health Benefits: Snake meat is extremely high in protein and also contains half the calories and one third the amount of fat compared to steak.

Moose Meat

What Does It Taste Like? Moose meat is known for being more tender and flavorsome than beef.

Health Benefits: Game meat may be higher in cholesterol, but has generally fewer calories and less saturated fat.

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