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9 Things You Should Know About Tyreese

The midway point of The Walking Dead season 3 saw the introduction of a new giant-hammer-wielding character. There are a few things you should know about the newest member of the pack before the season starts up again. Sundays 9/8c.

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1. Tyreese is a fan favorite from the comic books.

Tyreese appeared much earlier in the comic storyline, with only two people in his group, not four. Tyreese was with Rick during the entire farm storyline (portrayed in the TV series as season 2). Robert Kirkman has claimed that Tyreese was one of his favorite characters in the comic series.

2. He's played by Chad Coleman, also known as "Cutty" from 'The Wire.'

Fans of The Wire can attest to Chad Coleman's toughness, and his commitment to a role. Everyone should be excited to see what he can bring to the table as one of The Walking Dead's most recognizable characters.

3. His group of survivors (minus his sister Sasha) are all characters from the comic books, too.

Allen, Donna, and their son Ben. In the comics, all of them are already with Rick when Tyreese shows up and Ben is only four years old, and has a twin brother, Billy. Here, Ben is portrayed as being a 17-year-old, presumably because one baby is already too many babies for a zombie infested wasteland.

4. Watch his relationship with Rick.

In the comics, after Shane's death, Tyreese acts as Rick's right-hand man (a role that has been occupied by Daryl in the TV series). The two of them are both strong leaders and personalities, and the manifestation of their relationship should be one of the most interesting character stories of the next half of the season. Pay attention when these two share the screen.

5. Watch his relationship with Michonne.

Also in the comics, Tyreese has romantic relationships with some of Rick's group, including the steely Michonne. Let's see if he can break her icy demeanor, or if the TV series will take it in another direction entirely. He was also involved with Carol.

6. Tyreese also has a daughter in the comics, who suffers a cruel fate.

Many of the tragedies in Tyreese's comic book plotline stem from the non-TV characters in his group, like his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris. Their attempt at a double suicide results in Tyreese having to kill his own zombified daughter.

7. In the comics, Tyreese was once an NFL linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons.

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Funny that his appearance should come shortly before a profitable post-season for the real team, with quarterback Matt Ryan's first playoff win. COINCIDENCE?

8. Tyreese is carrying a rather large hammer for a reason.

Fans of the show have probably noticed at this point that every important character has a signature weapon. Rick's got his Colt Python, Daryl has his crossbow, Michonne has her swords, etc.

9. Don't believe everything you might accidentally hear about Tyreese will happen on the show. - The show has deviated significantly from the plot of the comics.

The show's characters and locations are almost all drawn from the comic series, but the similarities in structure end there. Almost nothing from the comics can be considered spoiler-y, because the show has established its own continuity and plot. The deaths (and continued survival) of the ensemble cast aren't following any rules from the comics except for one: no one is safe.