13 Signs You Might Be Dating A Zombie

Don’t ignore the signs. Trust those instincts. Here are a few undead flags that you might be dating a reanimated corpse. If any of these sound familiar, better to find out now than awkwardly realize it during an episode of The Walking Dead. Sundays 9/8c.

1. They’re always cold to the touch.

2. They ignore your questions, like they don’t even understand you.

3. Their B.O. is like, really intense.

4. They waddle when they walk.

5. They have a pretty terrible sense of rhythm.

6. They are always groaning.

7. They aren’t exactly in the best shape.

8. They never want to go to the dentist.

9. They are mostly immune to being hit with a baseball bat when they get aggressive.

10. You found them on Zombie Harmony.

11. When you kiss, they like to chew on you for a few minutes.

12. They don’t ever need to sleep.

13. When you go out to a restaurant, all they have for dinner is the waiter.

If any of these are hitting a little too close to home, then you know.

Just don’t be surprised if they write a song about you after you break up.

All Zombie Cutouts via The Walking Dead.

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