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10 Creepy Facts You Never Knew About Zombies

Fact one: all zombies have thick Cockney accents, but you wouldn't know because they never talk. The most popular horror drama to ever hit cable airwaves returns tonight. 9/8c, only on AMC.

1. The flesh-eating undead date as far back as the 18th century, BC.

2. The "draugr" of ancient Norse mythology exhibited many traits of the modern day undead.

3. Archaeologists may have traced fear of the dead rising dating back to 700 AD.

4. Someone even tried to reanimate George Washington's corpse.

5. The word "zombie" originated in Haitian folklore.

6. The very first zombie movie was even based off Haitian zombie lore.

7. In fact, there have been reports of "real" zombies in Haiti.

8. Early drafts of "Night of the Living Dead" were...different.

9. There have been reports of "zombie bees" buzzing around Washington and California.

10. The zombie industry is worth $5.74 billion.