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18 Things All Cyclists Will Instantly Recognize

Every picture on your phone has handlebars in the frame.

1. You're no stranger to the bib tan line.

2. Or maybe even the lesser known glove tan line.

3. Not to mention this all-too-common sight.

4. You groan every time you see this.

5. Or this.

6. You've got at least one cupboard dedicated to these.

7. And maybe a whole room devoted to these.

8. You know a tube isn't done until it's really done.

9. You discover a whole world of products you never thought you'd need.

10. Your helmet often acts as a misguided personal stylist.

11. And you always find stylish ways to cap your bar ends.

12. There's a good chance you've struggled to unclip at some point.

13. But you still pretty much refuse to take off your cycling shoes.

14. You don't let other forms of exercise get in the way.

15. You're totally on board with this proposed flow of traffic.

16. You'll brave pretty much anything to log some time in the saddle.

17. And you know all your bike's best angles.

18. Because it's basically your second home.

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