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Chips Fun Facts

Chips are our daily snacks

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Lays Chips

The Perry, Georgia facility is efficient – potatoes arrive at the facility and are bagged as chips within six to eight hours. The Perry, Georgia facility cooks around one million pounds of potatoes every day. The potatoes used for Frito Lay's potato chips are harvested from over 80 farms scattered across the USA


Any US citizen over the age of 2 knows what ranch dressing is, but many Europeans missed that memo. And so, when Cool Ranch makes its way overseas, it's labelled "Cool American" in several countries (including Holland, The Netherlands, and Iceland). Meanwhile, the UK calls it "Cool Original," because they just couldn't let us have this one thing


As revealed in an inspiring story reported by the Kansas City Star, what began as a spicy hack by a Frito-Lay plant worker has now become one of Frito-Lay's best-selling products. Janitor Richard Montañez talked his way into a meeting with the company's CEO, and armed with just a sample bag and a few nights of marketing studying, put on such an impressive presentation that it vaulted him up the corporate ladder into an executive vice president position.

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