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10 Texts To Help You To Minimise Reputation Damage On Valentine's Day

Copy and paste to survive.

1. You don't have a date.

2. You discover you’ve accidentally double-booked yourself.

3. For when you didn't actually confirm your reservation at a fancy restaurant.

4. When someone you really do not fancy asks you out.

5. Your partner wants you to post a soppy message on FB, but you don’t want to.

6. You have betrayed your fellow single friend by getting a date.

7. You’ve found out that your fellow single friend got a date for Valentine’s Day.

8. For when you forgot to buy your S.O. a present.

9. You actually want to break up with them and can’t face lying your way through Valentine’s Day.

10. You’ve woken up from a nap to discover you’re extremely late for your date, and they’ve been texting you trying to find out what happened to you.

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