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13 Real-Life Moments That Are Spookier Than Any Horror Flick

Be very afraid...

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1. Standing too close to someone on the tube and getting a whiff of something that smells like if morning breath and BO got drunk one night and made a baby.


Morning commutes can be murder.

2. When you're walking down the street, just minding your own business and suddenly remember something embarrassing you said two years ago.

TV Perú / Via

"Why, oh why did I call the teacher 'Mum' back in year 9 geography??"

3. Using your hand to search for something you've lost underneath the sofa and suddenly touching something that feels gross.

20th Century Fox / Via

Your phone isn't supposed to feel soft, furry...or have a tail...

4. Accidentally liking your crush’s selfie on Instagram...that they took last summer!

Epic/Sony Records / Via

The dreaded double-tap.

5. Waving at someone you thought was a friend but upon second glance turns out to be an absolute stranger.

Lionsgate / Via

An absolute stranger who now thinks there might be something wrong with you.

6. Running out of data, but being miles away from the nearest free Wi-Fi signal.

Fox / Via

What horrors have befallen this Wi-Fi-less wasteland?

7. Sending your crush a WhatsApp message and not only getting left on read for two hours, but also noticing that they've been uploading Instagram stories that whole time.

Dimension Films / Via

Texting is such sweet sorrow.

8. The hurt and disappointed look on someone's face when you say "nice to meet you" to them, even though you've actually met them about 1,000 times already.


"What was that guy's name again?"

9. Trying and disastrously failing to get directions to that one place that inexplicably doesn't appear on your maps app.

Artisan Entertainment / Via

"Guys, guys, I've got an idea. How about we split up?"

10. Sharing what you think is a hilarious new meme with your group chat only to find out it's literally old AF, and everyone's seen it already.

Harcourt Productions / Via

One does not simply post ancient memes in the group chat.

11. Writing a 🔥🔥🔥 tweet and getting a bajillion likes and retweets...only to realise hours later that it has a typo.

Universal Pictures / Via

At least you got those sweet, sweet numbers though!

12. Forgetting to lock the door when you're on the toilet and having someone walk in on you.

Artisan Entertainment / Via

Utterly mortifying.

13. Actually getting a phone call from someone who wants to talk to you, instead of a text, snap, or notification.

New Line Cinema / Via

Something bad has definitely happened, otherwise they'd just send a message.

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