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22 Organic, Family-Friendly Meal Items With Ingredients You Can Actually Pronounce

You're a parent, not a chemist! O Organics® items are not only budget-friendly, but also have an ingredient list that doesn't require a periodic table.

1. Veggie patties whose ingredients are less word salad and more...actual salad.

2. This edamame teriyaki vegetable rice bowl that keeps its contents simp-bowl.

3. For something more hardy, try this "scramble bowl" with ingredients that won't have you scrambling to the search bar.

4. Mexican-style blend of cheeses that go together much better with tacos than preservatives do.

5. This bag of chia, flax, quinoa granola with just seven wholesome ingredients, all organic.

6. Ghee with an ingredient list that is more clarified than most.

7. Steel cut oatmeal with an ingredient list you don't have to read piecemeal.

8. Grass-fed ground beef patties that are lean in both fat and ingredients.

9. Blue corn taco shells which — not to be corny — that are made to hold the good stuff.

10. Flavorful red and green enchilada sauce without "a lada" ingredients.

11. Cabernet sauvignon that wasn't made with anything to wine about.

12. Creamy cilantro lime dressing that brings the zest but not the rest.

13. Italian-style beef meatballs paired with tomato basil pasta sauce that will add flavor to your pasta without lots of other stuff.

14. French roast ground coffee that, with either cream or sugar, is sure to be the only other thing in your mug.

15. Tofu that is extra firm but not extra on anything else.

16. Plain, nonfat Greek yogurt that is, well, plain in the ingredient department as well.

17. Chicken bone broth with bare-bones ingredients.

18. Ready-to-eat "super greens" that are clean, mean, and lean in ingredients.

19. Red lentil penne pasta that is just like what momma used to make.

20. Travel-size packets of organic virgin coconut oil for eating healthy on the go-go.

21. Pancake & waffle mix that's packed with protein and not much else.

22. "Blueberry Blitz" smoothie blend whose ingredient list is a smooth read.

All images courtesy of O Organics®.

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