12 Things You Can Celebrate Despite Yesterday’s Crippling Defeat

Yesterday was tough, but not all is lost. These wins brought to you by Volkswagen.

1. Your dog loves you just the same as always.

Win or lose, he’s your best friend.

2. There are currently 7,216 people in the world who could be your one-in-a-million match.

Based on the current world population and math. BONUS: You have the best odds of meeting one of these people if you move to Shanghai.

3. Somewhere, somehow, bacon is sizzling.

4. Mankind has discovered the secret to infinite chocolate.

Thanks, geometry.

5. There are millions of animals all over the world doing cute things right this second, blissfully unaware of climatic events in the world of sports.

This little sloth is focused on eating these itty-bitty leaves. That is his entire world right now.

6. Basketball season is about to pick up.

And this year, your bracket could be worth a billion dollars.

7. You have the power to improve someone’s life and make the world a bit more beautiful.

8. You, your team, the field, the ball, your TV, the Commissioner, EVERYTHING is made of stardust.

That’s right. All matter on Earth was forged in the heart of a star.

9. There is an infinite amount of knowledge you can begin to absorb today.

What do you feel like learning?

10. You probably have a lot of leftovers from the watch party that you can eat.


11. The world is a vast, rich place filled with cultures, natural wonders, and friendly people.

What are you waiting for?

12. And if none of this improves your mood, just remember: This cat loves its teddy bear.

And of course there’s also the fact that every time a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles, a German Engineer gets his wings

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