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18 Reasons Utah Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Your Instagram

It's one of the most photogenic places on the planet, that's why.

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1. Because it's the home of stunning natural bridges that you can hike to, camp under, and even drive through:

2. Because Lake Powell and the Colorado River look absolutely stunning cutting through the canyons:

3. Because there are so many ways to enjoy winter the state:

4. And because Park City looks like a magical town from a fairy tale:

7. Because the magic hour at Bryce is enough to make you gasp out loud:

9. Because you can get mad air everywhere you ski or board:

10. Because there are slot canyons with hidden waterfalls:

11. Because you'll see people doing this:

15. Because kayaking on the Great Salt Lake is unbelievable:

16. Because skiing Alta will leave this smile on your face:

17. Because the moon looks so much bigger in the desert:

18. And because the night skies over Cedar Breaks National Monument are out of this world, literally:

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