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11 American Animals That Give Australian Wildlife A Run For Its Money

Hint: All of these majestic animals can be found in Utah. Visit Utah and Discover America.

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1. American Bison

They're the greatest symbol of the Great American frontier, and there happen to be TWO herds of genetically pure bison in the state of Utah – one in the Henry Mountains and one on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.

2. Bobcats!

Bobcats are elusive and rarely, rarely seen – which makes them all the more mysterious and enchanting. They live in both high and low elevations and prefer rocky areas, which make it easier to escape coyotes.

3. Moose

Moose are literally one of the largest mammals to have survived the last Ice Age, which makes them all the more magnificent. If you're lucky, you'll spot them in forested areas at high elevations, like the Uintas – but make sure to keep your distance!

4. Gray Wolves

Gray wolves once faced extinction in North America, but they've miraculously rebounded – though they are still classified as an endangered species. You probably won't catch sight one of these furtive creatures, although they've been spotted all the way down in Southern Utah and Monument Valley.

5. Bald Eagles

The regal national bird of the United States was threatened with the possibility of extinction just 40 years ago, but they've rebounded so successfully that they can be spotted everywhere from Park City to Zion. There's even a state-sanctioned Bald Eagle Day.

6. Rocky Mountain Elk


Rocky Mountain Elk (or North American Elk), one of the largest members of the deer family, are commonly spotted throughout the Rockies, especially grazing in alpine meadows. Plus, they travel in herds, so you almost always see more than one at once!

7. Mountain Goats

Mountain goat on Mt. Timpanogos, Utah / Shutterstock

Mountain goats occupy the highest alpine environments, often at elevations of up to nearly 4,000 metres. There's nothing like hiking up to a summit, setting up camp, and waking up to see mountain goats nearby at dawn.

8. Rattlesnakes and Kingsnakes

Most venomous snakes in Utah have rattles on their tails (the colourful Utah Mountain Kingsnake is not venomous). While they're undoubtedly a cool sight to behold, it's best to avoid any type of snake if seen. Most trails in rattlesnake territory are equipped with warning signs!

9. Brown Bears

Although black bears are much more common in Utah, brown bears and grizzlies have been seen everywhere from the Uintas to the streets of Park City. Observe these amazing animals from a safe distance, and call a park ranger if spotted.

10. Bighorn Sheep

Two varieties of bighorn sheep live in Utah: Rocky Mountain and desert – a smaller subspecies that have adapted to live in hot, dry climates. Bighorn sheep are so significant in the history of the region that they've been depicted on rock art and petroglyphs by various historic Native American inhabitants.

11. Mountain Lions

Mountain lions are actually more similar to housecats than actual lions in terms of genetics, and that just makes them all the more endearing. (Cute, giant cats, amirite?) Despite the large numbers of mountain lions dwelling in Utah, they're not sighted often, although they do occasionally wander into town!