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11 Wild Air And Sea Adventures That Will Amp Up Your Florida Vacay

Take your vacation to new extremes. Travel to St. Pete/Clearwater and check off all the adventures from the list. Don't agree with the order? Re-rank the post!

1. Jet Skiing solo.

2. Parasailing to new heights.

3. Spearfishing in the Gulf.

4. Kayaking through mangrove tunnels.

5. Flying over the wake on a speedboat.

6. Or flying over the wake on a speedboat WITH dolphins.

7. Better yet — SURFING with dolphins.

8. Getting up close and personal with marine life on a snorkeling adventure.

9. Flying via sky surfing.

10. Taking a kiteboarding lesson.

11. Blasting into the air like Poseidon himself.

All images via Visit St. Pete/Clearwater.

Are you amped yet? Get movin' and groovin' in St. Pete/Clearwater.