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11 Wild Air And Sea Adventures That Will Amp Up Your Florida Vacay

Take your vacation to new extremes. Travel to St. Pete/Clearwater and check off all the adventures from the list. Don't agree with the order? Re-rank the post!

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1. Jet Skiing solo.

Let the waves splash in your face for a refreshing and adrenaline-pumpin' good time.

2. Parasailing to new heights.

Hang 10, high in the sky!

3. Spearfishing in the Gulf.

Explore new depths of the sea. You never know what you might find!

4. Kayaking through mangrove tunnels.

Kick back and kayak for a more ~chill~ adventure.

5. Flying over the wake on a speedboat.

Reach new speed limits with the saltwater in your hair.

6. Or flying over the wake on a speedboat WITH dolphins.

All for the bucket list.

7. Better yet — SURFING with dolphins.

Try it if you dare.

8. Getting up close and personal with marine life on a snorkeling adventure.

You pretty much couldn't get any closer...unless you were part mermaid. 😜

9. Flying via sky surfing.

That's right, surf those clouds and take in the gorgeous Florida coast line.

10. Taking a kiteboarding lesson.

It may look scary, but you could be in for the biggest thrill of your life.

11. Blasting into the air like Poseidon himself.

Defy gravity with your water jetpack, and you’ll feel like a superhero in seconds!

All images via Visit St. Pete/Clearwater.

Are you amped yet? Get movin' and groovin' in St. Pete/Clearwater.