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15 Things You Know If You Live In A Big City But Grew Up In A Small Town

You're allowed to love both. And in Ottawa, you can have both at once.

1. You're used to having this in your backyard:

2. So you'll look for any excuse to get outside of the city.

3. You definitely appreciate that you never run out of things to see and do in a big city...

4. ...but you wish you could combine it with the peace and quiet of a small town.

5. You'll take starlight over bright lights any day.

6. Sometimes when you're stuck in traffic, you close your eyes and transport yourself to an empty road.

7. And you miss how everything is just cleaner in a small town.

8. You know where to find all the best foliage spots in your city.

9. You cherish the quieter methods of public transportation.

10. You long for the days when going out on a Friday night was actually a wholesome time.

11. As delicious as big-city eats are, you always go back to foods that remind you of home...

12. ...and you miss your local coffee spot knowing your order and getting it started as soon as you walk in the door.

13. City sunrises and sunsets are lovely, sure. But they'll never beat the magical displays you saw in your hometown.

14. Let's be fair: Nothing beats the buzz of a big city at night.

15. But you know that no matter where you live in the world, you'll always be a small-town person at heart.

For small-town vibes in a big city, you've gotta visit Ottawa.