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10 Amazing Activities You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Ottawa

The only question is what will you do first?

From an interprovincial zipline to cocktails with skylines, Canada’s capital has incredible adventures, ranging from the genteel to the gutsy. These are 10 of the best outdoor and indoor activities the city has to offer right now.

1. Zipline across the border between Ontario AND Quebec.

2. Turbo Tube on the Ottawa River.

3. Soar about the city.

4. Relax with cocktails and dreamy views.

5. Give yourself a delightful fright.

6. Have a hoot with nature.

7. Go for a LOOOONG bike ride.

8. Bond with the birds.

9. Eat your way through the market.

10. And don't forget to have a few pints.

Whether you’re hiking, biking, zipping, rafting, or sightseeing in your own style, Ottawa is here and ready to greet you with open arms (or appropriately distanced air-fist bumps, as the case might be). Travel before October 9, 2021 for your chance to receive a value of up to $200 in attractions, restaurants and museums when you book a 2-night stay in Ottawa*. Come see what you’ve been missing.

*Terms and conditions apply