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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Booking An Orlando Vacation?

The City Beautiful is calling. It cannot be denied.

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For all you sunset-haters, definitely stay clear of Orlando.

Marc Perrella / Getty Images / Via

If backwoods swamps aren't your thing, Florida has plenty of beautiful lagoons, both natural and manmade.

Even if you don’t like golf, this course is a hole-in-one.

William Randall / Getty Images / Via

The views from Orlando’s 170+ golf courses are all pretty spectacular, even if you’re only seeing them from the sand trap.

(If you haven't already, this is the part where you book your flight to Orlando.)

Gina Pricope / Getty Images / Via

Lake Eola view by night in Orlando Florida. I load multiple photos of the same subject so you can choose.

Face it: It’s time to plan your next getaway. Orlando is waiting for you and the fam!

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