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10 Fool-Proof Ways To De-Stress Your Life

Stress can make you irritable, tired and just plain miserable.There are simple ways to tell stress to hit the road once and for all, and you can do them all in one place when you vacation in Vegas.

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1. Laugh A Little / Via

Laughter truly is the best medicine, especially when it comes to stress. Treat yourself to a silly movie or try out a local open-mic night for comedians. A good laugh will get your mind off of whatever is stressing you out and will increase your heart rate and blood pressure, making you feel way more relaxed after the fact.

2. Put On Your Favorite Song


It's easy to lose sight of the simple pleasures in life when you're truly bogged down with stress. Taking a few minutes when you get home from work to stop and enjoy a song (or 10) you've always loved will do wonders for your state of mind.

3. Treat Yourself


A little pampering goes a long way when life is stressing you out. Even if you're not able to hit the spa, getting a manicure or haircut will give you time to decompress and give you something to feel good about when it's all done. Bonus relaxation points if you can drink bubbly while doing it, of course.

4. Take a Walk / Via

Exercise is one the most recommended forms of stress relief, but there's a chance you're feeling stressed about not having time to hit the gym or go for a jog. Swapping a cramped subway ride for a leisurely walk home or, if you don't live in a walking-friendly city, taking a decompressing walk around the shopping mall (leave your wallet at home if you're on a budget) will do wonders.

5. Don't Forget Your Friends


Working too much can often leave you feeling disconnected from the ones you love. Remember to give yourself a break once in a while and hit the town to see the people who make you happiest!

6. Take Up A New Hobby

Tony / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: docbrownx / Via

Learning a new hobby will not only distract you from your work-related stress, but the mechanical motion of doing something, such as drawing and painting, will also reportedly cause a state of relaxation similar to that of doing meditation.

7. Get Rid Of That Mess


Clutter in your home can make you feel like your life is more chaotic than it actually is. Take some time out to organize your clothes, rearrange your books by color, file your bills and make a to-do list to attack the rest of your organizational projects for the month. A weight will undoubtedly be lifted from your shoulders.

9. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake / Via Flickr: marfis75

Sorry, coffee addicts! It might help you get through a long day, but caffeine can leave you jittery and dehydrated if you drink too much. Try switching to green tea for a lighter, healthier dose of caffeine.

10. Learn To Say No / Via Flickr: h20series

If you're feeling overwhelmed by stress, you might just be doing too much. Respect your own personal time and sanity by learning to say no instead of taking on more than you can handle. This rule applies to more than the workplace. If you choose to say no to playing your turn in a game like blackjack it could help you win big!