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Which Member Of The Squad Are You?

Find out which member of the Chadbourne (and Barnard) crew you are in this 100% accurate quiz that has no bias whatsoever.

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  1. What is your drink of choice?

    Dr. Pepper
    Sunny D
    Varies from day to day
  2. Where can you be mostly be found?

    The Library
    On the futon
    In your room
    Meeting with a friend
    Anywhere but your room
  3. What kind of drunk are you?

    Alcohol? What's that?
    Happy drunk
    Slutty drunk
    Mean drunk
    Giggly drunk
  4. What do you want to be as an adult?

  5. What are you most likely to do?

    Open an emergency exit door to see if the sound goes off.
    Swear off any relation to boys and proceed to text them.
    Watch tv shows for 6 hours instead of doing homework.
    Tell yourself daily that you need new friends.
    Live off of ramen and ravioli for months at a time.
  6. How do you deal with conflict?

    Avoid it at all costs.
    Pretend it doesn't exist, even if it's happening in front of you.
    Confront it.
    Change the subject.
    Hold it in and blow up later.
  7. What is your favorite song?

    Wanted - Hunter Hayes
    Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie
    Anything but I want to Dance with Somebody
    Pony - Ginuwine
    Side to Side - Ariana Grande
  8. It's Friday night! What are we doing?

    Studying, of course!
    idk I'm good with whatever
    Movie night
    Drink, drink, drink
  9. What's your favorite animal?

    Sea Lions, for sure
    Literally all of them
    I don't like animals........

Which Member Of The Squad Are You?

You got: Visith

You got Visith! Although you might be narcissistic AF at times, you have a lot of loyalty to your friends. You are intelligent, ambitious, somewhat lazy, and smokin hot, even though your friends might tell you otherwise. You're super cool and are always down to party. You also have an addiction to social media and dating apps. Will probably end up living with several animals.

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You got: Jimmy

You got Jimmy! You have a tendency to yell at your friends a lot, but that's only to show you care. You are the wildest one of your friend group and can outdrink literally anyone on Earth. You are super smart, but tend to do stupid shit when you're not off at the library. Will probably be rich when you are older.

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You got: Kat

You got Kat! You are the odd one out of your friends because you seem to actually have a life outside of them. You are the nicest one of your friends and always have something nice to say, even if you're the victim of relentless roasting. Lowkey sassy, highkey smart as heck. Will probably be the most successful of your friends.

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You got: Ariana

You got Ariana! You are the mother of the group and all your friends come to you for advice, even if sometimes your life is just as much a mess. You care about your friends and know how to turn up, even though you can't hang sometimes. You are motivated and a hard worker and are always there for anyone who needs you. Will probably get married first out of your friends.

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You got: Shelby

You got Shelby! You love to relax more than anything in life and have seen more tv shows than you can count. However, you work best under pressure and can get shit done when needed. You'd much rather be left alone and you think your friends are annoying as fuck, but deep down, you know you can't live without them. Hydrate or diedrate is your life motto and you always have your water bottle handy. Mostly likely to adopt several stray dogs off the street.

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