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The 15 Sickest Ways To Work The Dance Floor

Are you ready for this? Here is some inspiration to look totally dope on the dance floor before getting your freak on in Miami or busting a move in Orlando. How about you VISIT FLORIDA for your next nightlife-filled vacation.

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1. Are you ready to hit the club?

2. It's time to work your magic on the dance floor.

3. Always dance with a stank face.

4. Your wingmen better be on point.

5. Now, work those hips.

6. With moves like this, you're definitely going to get some numbers.

7. If you're ever behind the DJ, make sure you raise the roof.

8. Don't be afraid to be experimental.

9. Why don't you try the waterless surfing dance?

10. Or wild bird dancing?

11. Try using your hands as feet.

12. It's always legit to twerk.

13. Feel free to take up some space.

14. Or show off some casual mom dancing.

15. If all else can always clap.