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Literally Just 11 Relaxing Scenes Of Florida That We All Need Right Now

Don't worry, Florida misses you as much as you miss it.

It's been "A Year." In fact, 2020 might be the most "A Year" year of all time. Think about all that's happened... Actually, don't! Instead, take in these tranquil scenes from Florida, because you really need them!

1. Imagine: You have arrived at one of Florida's many sunny beaches. You can see the breeze gently tickle the palm trees.

An aerial shot of some trees leading to the beach

2. As you walk toward the shore, an umbrella beckons you to sit beneath it. But there's another chair... Who's it for? Could it be your crush?

3. As you sit in the chair, you see a bustling pier in the distance on one side of you...

An aerial shot of a pier and a boardwalk leading into the sea

4. ...and a dutiful lighthouse on the other.

5. Now you're in the water. A dolphin whispers in your ear that he would like a kiss. You oblige.

A young girl kissing a dolphin on its nose

6. OK, now it's a party! Two manatees have wandered over to invite you to come grazing with them.

7. But suddenly the breeze picks up and you realize you're zipping across the Everglades in an airboat.

An airboat speeding through the Florida Everglades

8. Okay, that's enough speed. Now you're floating down a river in a tube.

9. You decide to explore a bit more, so you and your friends hop onto your boards and paddle into the great blue.

A group of people paddle-boarding far from the shore

10. You must be a bit hungry after all that tubing and canoeing. How about some dinner, Florida-style?

11. Finally, you settle down, neigh, saddle down with a ride down the shore during sunset.

Three young people riding horses by the beach at sunset

All imagery courtesy of VISIT FLORIDA

Hopefully that little piece of the Sunshine State tides you over for now; but whenever you're feeling up to travel again, Florida is waiting for you to go on your next adventure.