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11 DIY Projects Inspired By Your Day At The Beach

Try your hand at these crafts and bring a bit of the beach home with you. Head to VISIT FLORIDA to find the perfect beach to add to your collection.

1. Seashell Shadow Boxes

2. Seashell Hair Clips

3. Gold Oyster Shell Salt Cellars

4. A Seashell Bouquet

5. Keep It Simple with a Seashell Bowl

6. Shell Rings

7. Seashell Fountain

8. Affordable Beach Centerpiece

9. Shell Planters

10. Make a Tiny Turtle!

11. A Seashell Wreath

Who said wreaths are just for Christmas? You should be able to enjoy wreaths all year long in four simple steps!

Find your perfect beach here, and get some inspiration for your next project!