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20 Reasons Why There's Nothing Like Florida

There is a lot more than just sunshine in this state. Florida has everything you want for your next vacation. So sip on some OJ and start dreaming of the next time you can VISIT FLORIDA.

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1. This is a typical weekend.

in0ahguy / Via

2. The pool parties are epic.

zalmymeyer / Via

3. Every route is the scenic route.

Timothy O'Keefe / Getty Images

4. Florida is the launching pad for space.

5. The weather is near perfect.

6. Florida has 14,520 football fields worth of beaches.

Robin Hill / Getty Images

7. The Everglades are absolutely stunning.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

8. The beautiful people here know how to party.

djprostyle / Via

9. Even the morning after is amazing.

carlyvonschweetz / Via

10. The birds are as beautiful as the people.

Shutterstock / jo Crebbin

11. If you get too sunburned, you can check out amazing art.

leotezcucano / Via

12. Pirates party in Florida.

FireWall0400 / Via Flickr: 51095830@N04

13. You'll earn bragging rights with your Instagram.

angelique_stephens / Via

14. The souvenirs are free.

Shutterstock / Anastasios71

15. Florida has beautiful coral reefs to explore.

Stephen Frink / Getty Images

16. The wildlife is exciting.

Shutterstock / Mark Caunt

17. The Latin influence is delicious.

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18. Even the storms are beautiful.

yayaempress / Via Flickr: 93332569@N00

19. This is part of the skyline.

Cristian Lazzari / Getty Images

20. One word: manatees.

Shutterstock / A Cotton Photo