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20 Exciting Alternatives To Flying In Florida

No station wagon, no problem

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1. Water + Jetpack = Whoa

Fly like the Rocketeer

2. Space travel

You didn't think Space Mountain was just a theme park ride, did you?

3. Ride the breeze

4. Rocket Car

You can still drive on Daytona Beach, but at 10mph

5. Flip Out

A room full of trampolines. Enough said.

6. Slide a slippery slope

7. Coaster Cannon

We weren't expecting that launch the first time

8. Swing between the trees

Think Return of the Jedi speeder bike chase, but on a wire.

9. Mud-boggin' Buggy

10. Water Ski


If you build them, they will ski

11. Top Gun

The Navy's Blue Angels call Pensacola home.

12. Gliding Selfie

"This isn't flying, this is falling with style!"

13. Gringott Cart

We're so ready for Diagon Alley to open at Universal Orlando

14. Car Elevator

The Elliott Museum owns the most comprehensive assemblage of Model A trucks in the world. The exhibit’s robotic, three-story stacking system allows visitors to select one of these 55 vehicles for closer viewing and then watch as it moves from its storage slot onto a custom turntable.

15. Free Fall, Face First


Coming Spring 2014, Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa will become North America's tallest free standing drop tower. Yes, you'll be facing the ground as you plummet from the heavens.

16. 825 miles of skimboard opportunities

17. Tempest in a Teacup

Just take them for a spin

18. Wave riding

19. Airboats and alligators

Let's strap this airplane propeller on a boat!

20. Start Flying

Pixie dust and happy thoughts? Nah, just warm thoughts.

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