12 Things That Are Instantly Better With Water

Wetter is better. Ready for some pool/beach time of your own? Check out VISITFLORIDA.com to plan your next water-filled getaway.

1. Bananas

Banana boats rule. Regular bananas are pretty good too, just not AS good.

2. Inflatables

Remember that inflatable chair you won at Discovery Zone in 4th grade? You spent two weeks blowing it up and were left with nothing but a light head and sticky plastic. Pool floaties, however, are always fun, no matter what size or shape.

3. Basketball

Basketball means skinned knees, twisted ankles, jammed fingers and sweat. Water basketball, on the other hand, is perhaps the greatest sport ever invented.

4. Drinking Games

Drinking games always sound like fun, until you’re left with a stinky, sticky mess to clean up. Move the fun to the pool and snorkel for cans in the morning.

5. Trampolines

Land trampolines usually end in torn ACLs and tears. Water trampolines usually end in smiles and high fives.

6. Babies

Babies are always better at the beach. There are so many things for their little brains to focus on that they’re too distracted to complain about anything.

7. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are like excuses, you only ever need them in bad situations, and they rarely work. Beach umbrellas, however, are like Pop Rocks, they’re always awesome and mean you’re in for a good time.

8. Romance

Stop being sad. Head to the beach with that special someone and spice things up. Ocean sunsets are like relationship crack.

9. Dogs

Dogs are always pretty great, but just look at that dog running on the beach. Are you even remotely happy as he is?

10. Digging

Digging is the worst, unless you enjoy dirt, sweat, and blisters. Oh yeah, and unless you’re on the beach. Who hasn’t spent hours in the sand burying siblings, looking for treasure, and building moats? Nobody.

11. Grandmas

Nobody can tell you to eat your peas when you’re at the beach. That’s right, not even Grandma. Just make sure not to interrupt her romance novels.

12. Racquet Sports

You know, those dumb games they always made you play in gym class? Well, they’re actually pretty fun when you can play them on a beach.

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