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12 Animals Totally Nailing Their Beach Vacations

These animals are having the times of their lives and making memories that will make their friends jealous. If these adorable beach moments make you feel like you need a trip, you should totally VISIT FLORIDA.

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First, let's play the ultimate summer jam.

These animals are about to get the party started.

1. This dog knows how to rock out no matter how hot it gets.

2. This cat always comes prepared with an epic beach snack.

3. This manatee is going to meet a fine lady tonight. And maybe get a kiss.

4. This turtle keeps on looking stunning even while she's deep sea diving.

5. This amateur stand-up comedian bird executes the perfect prank on his dog friend.

6. This extreme alpaca is looking slick and fearless on his surfboard.

7. This dog is sweatin' for hot babes in bikinis.

8. These bro dogs are showing off their sick ride to everybody at the beach.


9. This chill dog is all zen when it comes to jet skiing.

10. These fish have something more going on than just some summer fling.

11. This sloth knows that when you got it, flaunt it.

12. This pug loves this summer jam so much he is physically incapable of not twerking.