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    My Honest Thoughts On 'Her Loss'

    Do ya thing, 21, do ya thing

    After jumping on each others tracks over the years, and a historically stellar "promo tour," Drake and 21 Savage's joint album, Her Loss, has arrived.

    Her Loss is the first collab album for the '6ix God' (What A Time To Be Alive was a mixtape!), and fourth for the London born rapper.

    The collection of new music has taken over the world of pop culture by storm by inspiring 'Zesty Drake' TikToks, controversial lyrics, and even an *inevitable* lawsuit.

    Headlines, speculation and Michael B. Jordan aside, an album is ALWAYS about the music. It goes without saying, this album could be contender for 'Collab of the Year', dare I say 'Album of the Year'.

    After listening to this album everyday since its release and having the time to digest and take in the art, here's what I think about Her Loss.

    Rich Flex

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    Drake / Via YouTube /

    Producers: Tay Keith, Vinylz, FNZ, BoogzDaBest

    Favourite Bar: We revvin' up and going for a run like we DMC

    Undisputedly the most viral track on this album. Drake's opening lyrics hyping up 21 Savage comes across as a bit (A LOT) flirtatious and sparked inspiration for what TikTokers are calling "Zesty Drake." The melody drop at 1:46 leads to a beat switch at 2:12, which in turn switches the mood Drake gives on the song. But if even if you made it that far, it's too late.

    Major Distribution

    On BS

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    Drake / Via YouTube /

    Producers: OZ, Elyas

    Favourite Bar: Savage said you a ***** and he hit it on the nose/But the board is open, why you acting' like it's closed?

    "21 and The Boy" (as referred to in the outro by Arthur Kar) are rapping about their expensive lifestyles, high-class ladies, and how great they are at music - but somehow this track seems relatable? So far on the album, this has been the most consistent beat as it doesn't switch up at all, and the upbeat snare and "sci-fi-esque" effect reminds me of the second part "Sicko Mode" - another song where Drake fired shots at the late XXXTENTACION both via lyrics and the music video.


    Privileged Rappers

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    Drake / Via YouTube /

    Producers: Earl on the Beat, Gentuar Memishi, 40

    Favourite Bar: The diamonds, they hit like a rainbow, that's 'cause the necklace a frank (purr)

    Yall seen and heard that, right? Drake adlibbed purr!!! LFG ZESTY 6IXGOD!!!

    Spin Bout U

    Hours In Silence

    Treacherous Twins

    Circo Loco

    ***** & Millions

    Broke Boys

    Middle Of The Ocean

    Jumbotron Shit Poppin

    More M's

    3AM on Glenwood

    I Guess It's **** Me