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50 Thoughts Everyone Has Before Their First International Trip

So many thoughts, so little time. Whether it's your first trip or your 50th, be a well travelled traveller with Visa.

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1. I have a passport now! I am so independent and worldly.

2. I wish they had let me smile in my photo, though. I look ridiculous.

3. I'm probably gonna meet the love of my life overseas and have bilingual children.

4. I'll have to make sure they don't see my passport photo.

5. The world is my oyster! I'm going to go to at least 17 countries.

6. Wait, why are flights so expensive? What is this, space travel? Jeez.

7. Oh well, I have plenty of time to save for the trip.

8. Gonna live on pasta and toast for the next six months. I'll be so disciplined.

9. How many vaccines do I need for this thing?

10. It's too early to think about this. Just relax.

11. I can definitely learn Dutch in six months. I'll start tomorrow.

12. I should get one of those hidden travel wallets. Great idea.


13. I can learn some Dutch in a month. I'll start tomorrow.

14. I'm going to have the best Instagram photos ever.

15. What's the weather like overseas, anyway?

16. Meh... I'll pack later. It's too soon.

17. WAIT I have saved basically nothing. Crash saving starts now!

18. I should really get those vaccines.

19. Maybe I'll watch some travel movies to get in the mood.

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20. OMG watching Taken was a mistake.

21. Am I going to be abducted? I think I'm going to be abducted.

22. Maybe I should look up the travel warnings for the countries I'm going to.

23. I should not have done that.


25. Is it too late to refund my tickets?

26. Hope I've saved enough money.

27. I miss everyone already.

28. Maybe I can come back early.

29. I really should have taught myself Dutch. I'll learn a few words on the plane.

30. Goodbye friends! I'll be so cool when I come back.

31. Guys, you can read about my ~adventures~ on my travel blog!

32. Oh god, I know no one. I'm going to be lonely.

33. Why haven't I even started packing yet?


35. I'm terrified.

36. I know I'm forgetting something.

37. Passport, check.

38. Packing, check.

39. Passport, check — I shall not forget!

40. Toothbrush, check.

41. Passport, got it. Nailed it. Ha, I'm so international.

42. Forgot phone charger.

43. I'm actually never going to use this travel wallet. Why did I buy this?

44. I'm at the airport and I'm so excited look at the planes just look!!!!

45. The flight takes 20 hours, and I arrive yesterday? I'm so confused.


47. Wait, this isn't funny anymore, why does this person smell like avocado farts?

48. Only 19 hours of flying to go.

49. I am like a modern-day William Wentworth.

50. I AM FLYING OVER THE OCEAN. I hope this plane doesn't crash.

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