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11 Pieces Of Travel Advice You Probably Haven't Heard

Or maybe you have. But here's a reminder. Right your travel wrongs, and be a well-travelled traveller with Visa.

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1. Stuff some dryer sheets in your luggage.


You can use them to remove static from your hair and clothes, you can use them to clean white deodorant marks off your black clothing, and they'll make everything in your luggage smell like frangipanis or a cool ocean breeze. Win!

2. Pack your socks inside your shoes.


We're saving you space, people! Pack all your socks inside your shoes. In fact, pack as much into those shoes as you can. Put jewellery in there, put small souvenirs in there to keep them from breaking. Make sure they smell OK first though.

3. Take a power board with you.


Now you can charge all your devices at once with one adaptor. Genius! You'll also be really popular at airports when everyone wants to charge their phone and there's only one power socket.

5. Wear your fanciest outfit to the airport for a better chance at being upgraded.


Fancy, but comfortable, of course. But pack some pyjamas in your carry-on in case you don't get upgraded and have to go sit in the uncomfortable economy section with the other muggles.

6. If you pretend to be terrified of flying (or actually are) they'll let you board first.


We don't condone lying, but also, lining up and then having to check your carry-on luggage because there's no room left in the overhead compartments is just not cool.

8. Sleeping in is not allowed – ever.


You're not going to look back and remember that one day on your amazing overseas trip when you got a lot of sleep. Unless you're on a tropical island getaway and you're only there to sleep. If that's the case, sleep all you want.

9. Make use of free hotel shower caps.


Protect your clothes from your dirty shoes and wrap them up in those free hotel shower caps. You can also carry one in your bag and wrap your camera in it in case it starts to lightly rain while you're out taking photos.

10. In summer months, always carry a light scarf or overshirt with you.

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If you're traipsing through a foreign city and decide you want to pop into, say, the Sistine Chapel, you're going to need to cover your shoulders. Also, if you end up staying out later than expected and it cools down, you won't be uncomfortable.

11. Be very careful asking strangers to take your photo.


If you do feel brave enough to hand over your camera/iPhone to that helpful, lurking stranger, at least make sure you can run faster than them. Challenge them to a race first – to be sure.

OK so what kind of travel advice would a gold moneycat and a small koala give you? Let's find out:

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Basically, make sure you're a well travelled traveller, and travel with Visa.