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9 Trips That Are Easily More Enjoyable With Your BFF

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1. Head over to India to celebrate the beginning of spring in style.

Babu / Reuters

Holi is the springtime festival where India frees themselves from winter by dousing each other in colored paints and powders. You'll definitely want to go with a friend so you can capture the perfect new Facebook profile pic together.

2. Travel to Spain to battle side by side in the world's most glorious tomato fight.

grahammclellan / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: gforce

When you're facing a barrage of talented tomato throwers at La Tomatina, it's important to have a wingman watching your back. Don't leave home without one.

3. Or, if oranges are your thing, fight for honor in Ivrea, Italy.

Stefano Rellandini / Reuters

It's pretty much the exact same concept as La Tomatina, except with a different fruit and way funnier costumes.

4. Spark deep philosophical questions while admiring the Northern Lights.

nick_russill / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: nickrussill

The aurora borealis is one of nature's most beautiful magic tricks, and you won't want to experience it alone. You'll want a friend to huddle for body heat and talk about how, like, insignificant we all are, dude.

5. Get dressed up and head over to the track.

MDGovpics / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: mdgovpics

If you're looking for one of the wildest weekends of your life, try your hands at any of the three major horse races. You'll be happy you used the buddy system before you put money on the #7 horse.

7. Start the New Year next to someone you care about.

Zoran Milich / Reuters

Most people don't understand that 99% of watching the ball drop is the hours of waiting in anticipation. With your BFF by your side, the time will melt away, and you'll be catching confetti in no time.

8. Head over to Germany to enjoy a few brews responsibly.


Because there's nothing better than beers and schnitzels with your best friend. Also, you'll need some help putting on your lederhosen.

9. Once you've seen and done all of the above, get a clean start in Bangkok.

Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Thailand is home to the Water Festival, an event that washes away your bad luck so you can start the new year with a clean body and soul. You two have been through a lot, and this is the perfect time to recharge the batteries.

Above all else, take your best friend to the ultimate game: Super Bowl XLIX.

Courtesy of Visa

The most heavily watched sporting event in the world is the perfect spot to make friendship memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, you'll want someone there to high-five.

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