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The Realities Of Shopping For Very Particular Personalities

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1. For Mom, who kinda still thinks it's the '80s.

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"AKA she continues to gets perms and do step aerobics. I won't mess with her 'do, but maybe I can at least try to bring her workouts into the 21st century. Yep, I'm splurging — Mom's getting a fitness tracker."

2. For your friend, the fitness buff who is always sneaking looks at his own biceps.

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"Anything he can't use while running or lifting is pointless. He already has enough muscle tees to outfit an entire fitness class... but does he have LIME GREEN KNEE-HIGH COMPRESSION SOCKS? Nope."

3. For your brother, who has recently decided he's a hipster.

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"Umm, yeah, the sporty stuff he used to like is definitely not an option anymore. Don't think he's the 'fedora type' or 'combat boot type' of hipster though...? A nice tailored blazer to go with his other, er, slim-fitting clothes is a solid choice."

4. For your zany little nephew, who says you're his favorite aunt (for now).

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"Can't lose that status! How is he already six? What grade is that? Wait, I know he's obsessed with dinosaurs and building things... I'll get him a T. rex model kit! I hear the 'awessommme!' already!"

5. For your aunt and uncle, who are taking their 60s by storm.

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"These dudes are totally living it up. They party harder than I do! How about something to get every night started off right? A homebrew beer making set, cha-ching."

6. For your classy and slightly, ahem, majorly intimidating boss.

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"Can't go too expensive or he'll think I'm trying to buy my next promotion, but I definitely don't want him to think I'm cheap, either. He NEVER laughs at my jokes, so gag gifts are out of the question. A nice coffee table book it is!"

7. For Dad, the handyman who is constantly covered in grease.

"The number of nice clothes that he has tainted brown while working his fixer-upper magic is enough to make Mom actually cry. Sooo, how about a collection of casual flannel shirts she won't care if he gets dirty? Perfect."

8. For your super-successful friend, who actually has everything.

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"Definitely can't go material. Cooking class? No, she always orders in. Concert tickets? Eh, she's used to front row seats. Monthly wine club membership? Done. Girl needs something to help her unwind after killing it at the office every day!"

9. For your friend, the savvy tech nerd.

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"He'll think any tech I get him is lame. But what else would a techie want besides tech?? Wait. I know. Something to put his tech IN. A sleek, functional electronics case. Genius."

10. For your cousin, the bold and adventurous world traveler.

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"She is like the modern-day Carmen Sandiego. AKA, infinitely cooler than me. Well, definitely can't get her a plane ticket… or an ancient ruin… or an infinity pool. How about a stylish pair of sunglasses she can wear from the Pyramids to the Taj Mahal?"

11. For your DIY-obsessed friend, who basically makes everything herself.

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"So my two go-to friend gifts of candles and scarves are out of the question. She also does ceramics and handcrafts her own picture frames... Wait, I know, I'll get her some decorative wall cubes to display all her masterpieces!"

12. Oh, and don't you deserve to buy yourself a holiday gift too?


"Ah, finally. You can rest now, brain. My high heel selection needs WAY more variety, and I'm a refined homeowner and hostess now, so a wine cabinet is a must, OK?"

"But wait, I'm also still using the tiny, old-school TV I've had since college. Should I get a flatscreen instead? Maybe just make it a home theater system while I'm at it...?"

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