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Travelling On Instagram Vs Travelling In Real Life

It's never the same with #nofilter. Worry about your Instagram, not your money with Visa – it's money you can’t lose.

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1. On Instagram, we're all about that boat life.

Instagram: @buzwin

2. On Instagram, the sun is always shining.

Instagram: @louisekhong

3. On Instagram, sun-baking is damn fancy.

Instagram: @ren3ejade

4. On Instagram, sleeping outdoors is idyllic.

Instagram: @willstahorne

6. On Instagram, our packing is on point.

Instagram: @jenerous

7. On Instagram, plane rides are spectacular.

Instagram: @edwinhh

8. On Instagram, there's no one else at the monuments.

Instagram: @louisekhong

9. On Instagram, nothing is more fun than a road trip.

Instagram: @tjuzwin

10. On Instagram, the view from the hotel is EPIC.

Instagram: @buzwin

11. On Instagram, we LOVE eating like the locals.

Instagram: @louisekhong

Next time you travel, focus on your Instagram, not your money. Enjoy a carefree trip with Visa because unlike cash, it's money you can't lose.

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