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Travelling On Instagram Vs Travelling In Real Life

It's never the same with #nofilter. Worry about your Instagram, not your money with Visa – it's money you can’t lose.

1. On Instagram, we're all about that boat life.

In reality, it can be kinda cramped.

2. On Instagram, the sun is always shining.

In reality, our beach days are often ruined.

3. On Instagram, sun-baking is damn fancy.

In reality, it hurts.

4. On Instagram, sleeping outdoors is idyllic.

In reality, we do more scratching than sleeping.

5. On Instagram, hiking is easy!

In reality, it can be rather painful.

6. On Instagram, our packing is on point.

In reality, we can never fit everything in.

7. On Instagram, plane rides are spectacular.

In reality, all we want to do is sleep.

8. On Instagram, there's no one else at the monuments.

In reality, we have to wait in line for hours just to get in.

9. On Instagram, nothing is more fun than a road trip.

In reality, we can't wait to get out of the car.

10. On Instagram, the view from the hotel is EPIC.

In reality, we're lucky if we even get a window.

11. On Instagram, we LOVE eating like the locals.

In reality, it's not always appetising.

Next time you travel, focus on your Instagram, not your money. Enjoy a carefree trip with Visa because unlike cash, it's money you can't lose.