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10 Totally Unreal Virginia Beaches You Need To See To Believe

See them. Believe them. Frolic all over them.

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2. Sandbridge Beach

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Beach houses and cottages with picture-perfect views on Sandbridge Beach are the ideal escape. Here, you'll have peace and privacy, just south of lively Virginia Beach. You'll also have 8,000 acres of farmland with you-pick farms, farmers markets, and roadside stands for foodies.

3. Chincoteague Island

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WILD. PONIES. ON THE BEACH. Need we say more? Well, actually, yes — if you like ponies, save this date: July 29. This marks the 92nd year of the Annual Pony Swim where all the hippophiles (i.e. horse lovers) gather to watch them swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island.

4. Assateague Island

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Adjacent to Chincoteague, Assateague is home to some beautiful beaches (and ponies) as well as the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, where you can bike or hike through 15 glorious miles of trails. Freshwater marshes, pine forests, and even a lighthouse dating back to 1833 are just waiting to be explored.

5. False Cape State Park

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False Cape State Park is one of the last remaining undeveloped areas on the Atlantic Coast. To reach it, you'll either have to travel by boat or hike through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. But it's well worth the journey to wake up in your tent every morning to six miles of seriously pristine beach.

6. First Landing State Park

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Fun fact: First Landing is the site of the settlers' first landing in 1607 and a registered National Landmark. Today, you probably won't see settlers, but there is a quiet, uncrowded beach, dunes, a tidal marsh, a maritime forest, and 19 miles of interpretive hiking trails.

7. Westmoreland State Park

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Located on the Potomac River, Westmoreland State Park's beaches are adorned with stunning rocky cliffs. To explore the many hiking trails, rent a cabin and stay for the weekend. That'll also leave you plenty of time to comb the beaches for sharks' teeth.

8. Chesapeake Bay Beach

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The calm waters at Chesapeake Bay Beach are perfect for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. It's a true local spot in Virginia Beach, only walking distance from the marina and a selection of dockside seafood joints with fantastic sunset views.

9. Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach's iconic three-mile boardwalk is bustling with hotels, restaurants, kitschy shops, and live entertainment. It's ideal for jogging, biking, and people-watching. Make sure you stop at Grommet Island Beach Park and the bronze statue of King Neptune.

10. Belle Isle - "Urban Beach"

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It's only a short walk across a pedestrian footbridge from downtown Richmond to reach Belle Isle. Between quick dips in the James River, the big, flat rocks surrounding the island are perfect for people-watching and sunbathing with the scenic backdrop of the skyline.

Virginia's got beaches galore, and they're all waiting to be explored. Find out more about these beaches here.