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    17 New Rules For The Ultimate Beach Body

    Get rid of the t-shirt and shorts and show some skin!

    1. First, find a beach for your body.


    2. Send up a smile and a thank-you prayer to the gods who created nutella and sunshine cuz you're ready to get your tan on.

    3. Spend a good 5 minutes congratulating yourself on just how hard you've had to work all year to look this good.

    4. Spend some time figuring out which piece of swimwear best accentuates your thighs and belly.

    5. Definitely go with the two-piece, girl.

    6. Always pack more than one option in case of impromptu photo shoots.

    7. Practice stylish beach snacking with practice rounds of pizza poolside.

    8. Remember that having a beach body means you have zero responsibility to care what other people think of your body at the beach.

    9. Before heading to the beach, you'll want to pack a bag with some sunscreen, water and chili-dusted gummy bears.

    10. Also pack a wrap in case you need a break from all that sun or you want to change up the look.

    11. Flaunting doesn't have to wait until you get to the beach. This process can begin in the driveway.

    12. If you feel the need to take a break on the way to the beach, then you must take it. A beach babe like you gets to set her own schedule.

    13. Set up your beach home where there is ample possibility for photo ops.

    14. To acclimate to the temperature of the water, begin with a dip. As you're exiting the water, remember that adoring onlookers are close by. Feel free to strike a pose or ignore them, as you see fit.

    15. Having a beach body is hard work. You'll need to practice minimizing effort through things like non-verbal communication. This "beach glare," for example, signals dissatisfaction, romantic interest, or "we're leaving in 10 minutes."

    16. The perfect pair of sunglasses provides eye relief as well as opportunities to stealthily admire other fellow beach bodies.

    17. Take a moment to celebrate just how much you added to everyone's beach experience with your mere presence. This is an excellent way to end a long day of being a total babe.