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Want To Convert OST Files To PST? Then Checkout This BuzzFeed Article

So you guys are looking for some tips and tricks to do OST to PST Conversion? Or just wanted to know the reasons to convert OST files to PST? Whatever it is? I would surely help you out. With this article, I would tell you the major reasons of converting .ost files to .pst and also share with you the techniques for OST to PST Conversion. But before going through the details, you have to understand what is .ost and .pst files. When you use Microsoft Outlook, it stores all your data like email messages, tasks, attachments, appointments & other items in its server. These items is either stored in .pst format or .ost format.

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What Is OST Files

OST files are basically the files of MS Outlook which are stored in email servers which in turn helps you to work offline. As soon as you come in contact with internet it synchronizes automatically. Fullform of OST is Offline Storage Table.

What Is PST Files

PST files are basically the files which are stored by MS Outlook in your computer. Fullform of PST is Personal Storage Table.

So now let’s get into the reasons:

Reasons To Convert OST Files To PST

One of the major reason to convert OST files to PST format is due to its corruption. OST files gets corrupted easily and became inaccessible. But apart from this there are some more reasons for OST to PST conversion

Synchronization Issues

This type of issues occurs when there is an interruption during the synchronization process of .ost files with the email server. If this happens there is a great chance of your OST files getting corrupted.

Size Limit

Size limit is also a big issue in corrupting your data. If your files exceed the mentioned size then you might face corruption. For Example: OST files size limit in MS Outlook 2007 is 20GB and in Outlook 2010 & 2013 is 50GB. So always keep a check on the size of your files.

These are the two main reasons of corruption and to Convert OST file To PST


Exporting you .ost files to .pst files is a good way to convert your files. But the biggest issue with this step is that it only converts your content part of your email messages.


Keep in mind, archiving is not a process to convert OST files To PST. But it helps you in archiving your old data which in turn helps to keep a check on the file size.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop method is one of the most simple method. Here you just have to create a new pst files and just drag and drop your OST files in it.

But the problem is it is a very time consuming method.

If you are looking for a more detailed process then you may checkout this Blog Convert OST File To PST Manually

But by any chance, if these steps didn’t work then you may go for a OST To PST Converter.

These converters are good and reliable and quite effective in OST To PST Conversion.

Hope you guys liked this article

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