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Top 5 Creepiest Things Facebook And Google Know About You

Just how much does Facebook and Google know about you?

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1.Knows where you are at every moment of the day if you have location on.

Ever left a restaurant or store and had your phone ask you to review?

With location services Google knows where you go, how long you stay there and how you got there. Photos you take also have geotag information which tell them everything about where you and when you took it as well.

Gosh Google stop being such a creeper.

2.Every suggestion that you type into google search, even if you don’t finish typing it

Ever started asking Google something but decided against it before you finished? (for example (h-o-w t-o) Well Google saves that information as well..

Basically Google knows your deepest secrets.

3.Instagram and Facebook sponsored ads know exactly what to show you

Instagram has a complex algorithm designed to figure out exactly what your interests are. If your Instagram and Facebook are linked then you're doing their job for them.

One minute you’re reading about places to eat and the next moment an ad from

McDonald’s pops up on Instagram.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t have self-control so I guess McDonald’s it is

4.Google goes through and reads all your emails to know what you talk about.

I first noticed this when I booked a flight on my computer and then received flight details on my phone before the flight.

Google also knows when your reservations are and probably what you think of your boss.

5.Google knows how much you spend on your credit card

Remember when I said that Google reads your emails, well that gives them access to your monthly account statements and all of your bills.

So Google even knows about your poor spending habits... embarrassing

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