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8 Reasons Why Facebook Is No Longer Anyone's First Choice

Facebook was the way that we all connected when we were younger. We would constantly be posting on each other’s walls or messaging each other. It was the way that we would communicate after school, since the majority of us did not have cell phones. Now, we have a full list of friends that we don't even talk to! Most of these acquaintances tend to post things that do not resonate with us in a good way. Here are some reasons why Facebook is no longer our favorite social media website:

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1. Inappropriate posts on your news feed from old acquaintances.


Back when we were younger, we added everyone that we ever saw or random people that happen to be friends with our friends. And some of those people write posts that do not represent what we believe.

2. Creepy family members that you don't normally talk to commenting on every thing you post.


Even that uncle that you saw once at a family gathering that you didn't know you had. Like no, Uncle Rob, I do not remember you from when I was 6 months old.

3. Some more acquaintances that post harsh political view posts that you do not believe in.


From democratic to republic views, you'll view some bias posts on their opinions about a certain candidate. Trump supporters anyone?

4. Hardcore feminists that post about anything and everything that's potentially sexist.


I'm talking about the kind of feminists that get angry at guys who hold the door for them or who want to carry their bags for them. These feminists would get mad because these actions could imply that they are not capable to do those things for themselves.

5. Random people inviting you to play games on Facebook.


Back when playing Farmville was a trend, you would get a notification every couple hours or so. Even though they were trying to make you play the game, it would make you want to play it even less.

6. The people who believe everything they read.


Some people just aren't critical enough to research articles on a topic that seems to be extreme. Like no, the world is not going to potentially blow up on a specific date because you read one article.

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