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      In some countries I have traveled to, potable water may not be available - just putting that out there. As long as you have a clean tissue or napkin, you can dump it and clean it out and put it back in until you can get to potable water.  And WOW - I am dumbfounded over what I thought was an innocuous post about the awesome benefits a feminine product has brought to me and thought it may be of benefit to someone else. I never knew it existed until a year ago after 30 years of having a heavy period. Life would have been so much easier for me for quite a few of these years had I been able to keep from destroying both clothes and furniture (not to mention the embarrassment I suffered more than once from my heavy periods).  Here are some of my experiences - because I think as women we need to do a better job of educating ourselves as to options and when things aren’t right: For a long time I had clots ranging from the size of a quarter (smallest) to silver dollars (the latter usually the last day before my period ends). My periods lasted almost a week and I bled close to 16oz (that’s right - 2 cups of blood and clots!) However I didn’t know I was almost twice the average until I started using the cup. Part of that was my fault for not being specific at my drs office (they never asked and I never thought it wasn’t normal) At the peak of my period, I was going through Super Plus tampons every 30-45 minutes; and I was wearing nightime pads during the day to make sure the overflow didn’t ruin office chairs, seats in cars, you name it. Over the course of the week I was using a box and a half of super plus tampons. I was exhausted from all the blood loss (anemic) and was generally worn out by the end and slept my evenings / weekends away trying to recover. Once I tried a cup, I could wear it for at least two hours or more before I had to dump it. PLUS I didn’t have to worry about accidents as I became more proficient with how to use it.  As I have already had my kids I was able to evaluate my options with my OB given the amount of blood and the size of the clots; the latter which dissipated somewhat as the amount of blood staying in my uterus could escape easier and didn’t coagulate into the clots as quick. Oh - don’t worry Candyce - my kids weren’t girls; however you may want to re-evaulate the focus of your prayers - most people don’t pray for bad things rather for an awakening; for example: pray I open my eyes to the fact that not all people could find this a solution suitable for their situation. Getting to my comment about my (non-existent) daughters…when I said I would only let them use the menstrual cup I should have said in lieu of a tampon - not that they could never wear pads. And while quite a few of you were really mean spirited in your comments about it maybe not working for their body types, I honestly never thought about it that way, My statement was not intended to be taken as me forcing anything down anyone’s throat - I see now how it could be perceived that way; I thought posting an experience and a position on something was just that.  Back to my situation - I was not able to use the pill or other contraception to regulate my periods as I am adopted and at the time, had no family health history (come to find out, there is breast and prostate cancer in my family so a good choice on my part). I had to choose between continuing to live in current state, a partial hysterectomy or an ablation. I chose the latter (once it was confirmed I had no cysts, endometriosis or cervical polyps) - I was done conceiving so that was not an issue for me. I was told, 80% of patients who receive an ablation have little if any periods- I guess I am part of the 20% because my periods are now NORMAL; meaning I have no clots and it totals about 6 ounces per cycle. LIke theAnnelis, after a few days it doesn’t even feel like I have a period when I use a cup.  Oh - and I cramped so bad before the ablation I was running through 2 naproxen every 4 hours for about 3 days. It was the only thing that took the edge off the pain - it felt like someone was swinging a mace in my uterus.  For comparison, a cup holds 2 ounces, a super plus tampon holds 12-15 grams (or 0.42 to 0.53 ounces); hence the reason I was going through all those tampons like they were water. So to all you posters who disagreed with me or felt like I was totalitarian, your points were heard (although the delivery was not well received). My apologies for inadvertently inciting you - may I suggest some happy pills? They keep the pre and post MONSTER syndrome (get it - PMS) at bay. <—That was sarcasm by the way - they don’t have a font for that so don’t be getting all up in arms over it. Everyone needs to lighten the eff up. Silly comments aside, if you have heavy periods and/or clots, please tell your OB. If he/she doesn’t check your uterus/ovaries/fallopian tubes for cysts or endometriosis, and/or biospy for cervical polyps, then get another opinion - all these things can lead to what you are experiencing. While periods suck, they don’t have to suck that bad and we should not have to suffer. I hope I run out of eggs soon - to still have a period when I am this close to 50 SUCKS.

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      use a menstrual cup - no sneeze or accident worries. There are several brands but if you spend a bit extra, you can get a surgical grace silicone cup that will last several years or more if properly kept. It holds 2 fluid ounces and can be worn for 12 hours (you can clean it with potable water in a pinch). I purchased mine as I was going on a transcontinental flight and didn’t want to lug a box of tampons and pads with me. Best $39 I spent and recouped after a few months (no tampons or heavy duty panty liners needed, and no extra peroxide for the laundry). Only downfall is my hubby calls it my shot glass. If I had a daughter I would never let her use anything but a menstrual cup.

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      Not enough words for this one…single people who don’t bathe nude (with warm water and soap) who have infectious or communicable diseases, or who have exposed sub-epidermal tissues, blisters or cuts, who spit and blow their nose (?etc?), oh and who run and play boisterously or rough (which may be why they have the infectious or communicable diseases! eh?) - NO POOL FOR YOU - ONE YEAR!!!

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