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Looking To Buy A New Mustang? Here Are Seven Originals To Consider Instead.

The original Mustang sold 318,000 cars in its original production year and started at $2,368. Last year, Ford sold only 77,000. The new 2015 Mustang starts at $24,425 and tops out at almost $45,000. No, you're not going to find an original Mustang today for $2,368, but check out these classics before dropping almost $50k on a new one!

VintageWheels 5 years ago

Harry Styles And His Classic Cars

At only 20 years young, Harry's taste in cars extends well beyond his age. What's he driving? And more importantly: where can you start assembling your own Harry Styles-wannabe garage? Look no further!

VintageWheels 5 years ago