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    Updated on Jun 12, 2019. Posted on Feb 20, 2019

    Young People Today Will Have No Idea What It Was Like To Deal With These 15 Daily Inconveniences

    Remember when you had to get off the internet so your mom could use the phone??

    Kids, we hate to break it to you, but times were pretty tough at the beginning of the Information Age. I mean, it wasn't all Spotify and iPhones, okay? For example...

    1. Sometimes, you had to wait until it was nighttime in order to call someone on your phone — because it was literally cheaper that way!

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @yanescudo

    Everyone used to wait to make their phone calls after 10 p.m., when calling rates were lower!

    2. You'd have to use the family computer for everything, which meant having to delete your search history afterward.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @detremura

    And you also had to turn the computer OFF when you were done, and possibly even cover it up with a little computie cover.

    3. If you wanted to watch a movie or play a video game on your TV, you'd use these cables:

    There was none of this Bluetooth Apple computer nonsense! None!

    4. After a big event, you'd wait weeks to see the photos you took, because that's how long it took to get them developed at the store.

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    And of course, you had to remember to get doubles if you wanted to share them with your friends!

    5. And most of the time, your photos ended up looking like this:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @osomdametro

    And you still had to pay for them all!

    6. Back when everyone first started texting, you'd use a phone like this — and you often had to hit one button three or four times just to get the correct letter.

    If you needed an "s" or a "z," it basically took 20 minutes to type it out.

    7. You carried all of your favorite tunes around with you in this form:

    You couldn't just scroll on your phone to find a song. You had to hunt down the right CD!

    8. **This** is how you got connected to the internet.

    Twitter: @johnIark

    Show of hands if you can already HEAR this picture!

    9. If you wanted to know what was going to be on TV on any given night, you had to look it up in a newspaper.

    And you'd be like so stoked if Degrassi was on, obviously.

    10. The hosts of the really hip TV show always invited you to email them.

    MTV / Via

    And if you got lucky, your email might be read on air!

    11. If you were fancy, you kept all of your contacts in an electronic organizer like this:

    Amazon / Via

    But you probably still had a physical address book, in case you lost your organizer!

    12. And if you wanted to send your friends links to cool videos, articles or pictures, you did it over email.


    Good ol' email, eh?

    13. If you wanted to watch a movie but you weren't at your literal house, you did it on one of these babies:

    Amazon / Via

    It was a dark time, my friends.

    14. And finally, real ones will remember installing this protective screen in front of the computer to adjust the brightness of the screen.

    UOL / Via

    AKA, your mom kept saying you'd ruin your eyesight that way. Except it doesn't matter now because we just look at screens all the time anyway!!!

    This post was translated from Portuguese.