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Show This List To Someone Who Was Born After 2000, And Savor The Look Of Total Horror On Their Faces

"When I was a kid, we MADE our own Pinterest!"

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1. Back in the early 2000s, this was your Netflix:

2. And this was the "Guide" button on your TV.

3. This was your group chat...

Blink-182 / Via

4. Here, we have a pre-2006 prototype of Spotify...

5. This was Pinterest...

6. And with a little scotch tape, we had our own Instagram Stories, too.

7. Just know, kids, that before smartphones, we had PalmPilots...

8. And we had Google Maps, but um, we used it a little differently...

9. At least until Dad finally started trusting this new-fangled contraption:


10. And yes, we still used video chat back then! But only if you had one of these...

11. And our smartphone just happened to come in, um, three different pieces.

12. And after smartphones came along, for the record, we WERE able to connect them to our cars! As long as we had this little guy...

13. And finally, yes, we had texting. We knew the abbreviations. We were hip on the 411.

T9 'til I die.

T9 'til I die.

This post was translated from Portuguese.

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