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10 Reasons Why London Is Absolutely The Wost Place To Raise Children

Who's interested in culture, anyway?

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2. Children Should Be Raised Around Nature


There are deer in Richmond Park, peacocks in Holland Park, flamingos in Kensington and all sorts of wildlife in the London wetland Centre, but they probably don't count.

4. There's Nothing for Kids to Do in London

It's not like London is full of world class national museums, art galleries, and theatres, or has any cinemas, arcades, concerts, zoos or any other fun things to do.

7. Public Transport is Terrible


Unlike most small towns where there are buses once an hour all the way up until 5pm, it's actually incredibly difficult to get around in London, only having the tube, the overground, National Rail trains, buses, trams, boats and the Emirates Air Line. It's a miracle anyone gets anywhere.

8. London Isn't Remotely Diverse

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We all want our kids to grow up to be tolerant, open-minded people, so having them mix with people of different races and religions etc is a must. London is obviously terrible for this. I'm off to raise my kids in a tiny village instead.

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