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12 Things Women Do Every Day That Are Fearless

Forget bungee jumping. The things women face as part of their daily routine require enough courage. And that's what the new collection by Victoria's Secret is all about: being Fearless.

1. Using a razor.


You are shaving off hair... from your skin... WITH A SHARP OBJECT.

2. Wearing tight slips under an outfit.


Like, those things kinda crush your organs a little.

3. Even wearing earrings!


If you really think about it, you're basically stabbing metal through your ears.

4. How about the occasional full-body waxing session?


Fearlessness is walking into a place knowing you are about to pay for pain.

5. Not to mention tweezing!


What if you go too far? What if you over-tweeze? OMG. But you still do it.

6. Plucking out nose hairs.

Bravo / Via

Seriously. That's tough to do.

7. Daring to wear a skirt.


About a million things could go wrong.

8. Or walking up flights of stairs... in a dress.

missrogue (CC BY-SA http://2.0) /

That's basically like staring a wardrobe malfunction in the face.

9. Dyeing your hair.

FOX / Via

"Sure, just go ahead and put chemicals in my scalp, it can totally turn out green but oh well." Fearless.

10. Or using a curling iron.


"Oh I'm just here, putting this scorching hot metal thing really close to my face, no biggie." Bravery.

11. Applying mascara.

Warner Bros. / Via

You are literally putting paint as close to your eyeballs as possible without actually drawing ON your eye.

12. Oh, and for sure, rocking high heels.

Sony / Via

Women choose to make it harder to walk. But being fearless means you don't really walk — you strut your way through life. Gotta do what you gotta do.