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    21 Extremely Useful Things That Are Gonna Change Your Daily Life

    Ultra-slim nightlights, plaque removers, compostable dishcloths, and more!

    1. A pack of extra-long waterproof gloves that'll protect your sleeves while you're washing up. Reviewers say they're super durable and love the elasticated cuffs (which keep them from slipping down when you're elbow-deep in cleaning).

    a person washing a sink while wearing the elbow-length gloves

    2. A multi-pouch organizer so you can finally get all your random bits and bobs in order. Each pocket is colour-coded and can be removed individually, so you can use it as a pencil case, makeup bag, or anything else you can dream up.

    the organizer laid on a bathroom counter showing all the removable zippered pouches

    3. A mountable massage ball for tackling all those out-of-reach knots, aches, and cramps. You can stick it to just about any smooth surface, making it way easier to use than your foam roller (and it's travel-friendly, too).

    4. A pair of absorbent puff balls so you can dry off your grabbers without soaking your bath towels. Reviewers say they suck up a *lot* of moisture (while doubling as cute washroom decor).

    someone drying their hands on one of the towel puffs

    5. An extra-long charging cable if you're tired of crouching near a plug to power up. It's got a braided fabric cover, which means it won't fray or break like the rubber ones you're used to.

    the long charging cable coiled and plugged into a phone and laptop at either end

    6. A pack of antiperspirant wipes if you're tired of sweating through all your clothes. Swipe one on whenever you feel like going dry and odour-free (one application can last for a whole week).

    a person using the wipes on their underarms

    7. A 4K Fire TV stick that'll give you access to all of your fave streaming platforms in one place. Since the remote's Alexa-enabled, you won't have to scroll endlessly to find the show you're looking for.

    Bianca holding up the Fire TV Stick remote in front of the television

    8. A petite plaque remover that'll give your chompers the dentist-level scrubbing they deserve. Its ultra-fine tip will easily grab all the debris you may have missed while flossing — and it comes with a toothbrush head, too.

    9. A handy little sock organizer if you're sick of hunting for missing chausettes after every laundry load. Just slip 'em into the slots and throw the whole thing in the wash (you can thank me later).

    10. A petite handheld fan that'll help you keep your cool when the temps start soaring. Thanks to the adjustable head, you'll be able to easily target all those hard-to-reach sweaty body parts.

    a person holding up the adjustable fan while at a baseball diamond

    11. A petite glasses pocket so you can safely stash your spectacles. The upright design means you'll be able to easily pull 'em out when it's time to swap from your contacts (and reviewers love that they're lined with plush fabric to protect the lenses).

    a pair of sunglasses inside the fleece-lined pocket on a coffee table

    12. A grooved cuff bracelet that'll double as a hair tie holder. You won't have to suffer through any uncomfy pinching and it'll help keep lose elastics from sliding off your wrist.

    the grooved cuff bracelet with a hair elastic slipped into the groove

    13. A pair of nearly-invisible drain strainers that'll trap clogs in their magical whiskers. Their universal design mean they'll work with almost any style of drain, so you won't have to swap them out if you move or do some renos.

    14. Or a clog-dissolving drain cleaner that's strong enough to blast away all kinds of blockages, even grease and hair. Reviewers say it's more cost-effective than calling a plumber (with even better results).

    a person holding up a bottle of the green gobbler drain cleaner

    15. A pack of motion-sensing nightlights that'll light the way the next time you're up for a midnight tinkle. Their unique shape will free up the second plug, so you won't have to sacrifice your entire outlet.

    The light plugged into a socket

    16. A rechargeable foot file that'll help you give yourself some salon-quality pedis without ever leaving home. It's got two speeds and is completely waterproof, so you can trim down your hooves in the shower.

    A person holds up the foot file against a colourful background

    17. A pack of compostable dishcloths if you're on the hunt for an eco-friendly upgrade. They'll suck up spills and messes in a flash without getting smelly in the process (but you can always just toss 'em in the dishwasher if they need a refresh).

    A person holding up a dishcloth

    18. A pair of waterproof belt bags so your stuff will stay safe (and dry) during all your outdoor shenanigans. Thanks to their adjustable straps, you can slip them over your shoulder or wear them around your waist depending on your mood.

    a flatlay of one of the waterproof belt bags

    19. A set of stretchy silicone lids so you can keep your leftovers fresh 'til the last bite. Forget sticky beeswax or wasteful plastic wrap — these can be used over and over (and over) without ever losing their airtight and leakproof seal.

    a set of stretchy silicone lids on several bowls

    20. A pack of oversized pimple patches that are big enough tackle uncomfy body breakouts. They can be snipped into all kinds of shapes and sizes so zits won't have anywhere to hide.

    21. And finally, an extendable tile scrubber so you can skip the gymnastics while you're reaching for all the dirty spots. The scouring pad is tough on things like hard water deposits and shower slime and is perfectly angled to tuck into awkward corners (without scratching up all your fixtures).

    a close up of the rotating scrubbing head

    Daily problems? I don't know them.

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