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    31 Stylish Finds From Amazon Canada That Reviewers Are Obsessed With

    Hello, yes, please take all my money.

    1. A pair of *stellar* sheer curtains that'll give you a smidge of extra privacy without blocking all your light. Reviewers love that they're low-maintenance (just wash and hang!), so you won't have to devote hours to ironing out all the wrinkles.

    a pair of semi sheer curtains with a metallic starry pattern

    2. A pair of reusable glass tumblers if you're trying to go green with your caffeine. Reviewers love that they're *way* easier to clean than other containers (and it doesn't hurt that they come with straws for bubble tea, too).

    a slim glass tumbler with a bamboo lid and metal straw

    3. A set of washi tape label stickers so you can colour code your lists, journals, and agendas. Reviewers say they have great sticking power, which means they won't peel off before you get a chance to tick off your tasks.

    a stack of washi tape circular labels

    4. A pair of buttery-soft boxer briefs that'll never pinch, chafe, or roll up (even during exercise). Reviewers say they're just the right amount of roomy in the crotch, while still looking sleek enough for date night.

    a pair of sleek patterned boxer briefs

    5. A glitzy PopSockets phone holder so you can respond to texts, take videos, and snap pics with one hand. It'll pop down flat (which means it won't get in the way when you wanna slip your phone in your pocket) and reviewers say it works great as a stand for video chats, too.

    someone holding their phone using the glittery popsocket

    6. A pair of oversized sunnies that'll protect your peepers from harmful rays. Reviewers say they're durable enough for everyday wear, but still feel lightweight and comfy (even if they're wearing them all day long).

    a person adjusting the oversized shield sunglasses

    7. A set of modern flatware that'll make every meal feel like a special occasion. Reviewers say they're basically the Goldilocks of silverware: not too big and not too heavy.

    a flatlay of the two-tone silverware

    8. A portable cocktail mug so you can enjoy a cheeky one in the park. The sleek silicone sleeve will keep it from slipping from your grasp and it's got a splash-proof lid to keep spills from ruining your day.

    a pair of people clinking the portable cocktail mugs together

    9. A set of rainbow kitchen knives that'll help you finally kiss your dingy old set good-bye. They're not just pretty, either — they've got a non-stick coating and have full tang blades, which means they won't snap the next time you're dicing up dinner.

    a set of rainbow kitchen knives next to fresh fruits and veggies

    10. A vintage-inspired rug that'll jazz up your boring floors. Reviewers say it's super soft and perfectly cushy (while still allowing chairs and other furniture to glide across it with ease).

    the vintage-style rug on the floor of a living room

    11. A seamless workout set so you can look as good as you feel when you're getting your pump on. Reviewers say the leggings are totally squat-proof, while the top offers the perfect amount of support — no doubling up necessary!

    someone wearing the matching two-piece workout set

    12. A freestanding storage rack if you're running low on closet space. It's got nooks for your shoes, racks for your hats, and even has a bench topper for storing folded laundry, books, or other things you can't find a place for.

    the freestanding storage rack in a bedroom

    13. A set of opalescent makeup brushes so you can blend and buff in style. Reviewers say they're just as soft and effective as pricier versions, too.

    a set of makeup brushes with opalescent faux crystal handles

    14. A pair of leopard print mules if you're looking for a stylish alternative to high heels. Reviewers say they're surprisingly comfy and love that they get compliments whenever they wear them.

    15. A terrarium planter if vases are starting to feel a bit boring. It'll make a perfect home for all your fave succulents or a unique catch-all tray for your odds and ends.

    a glass terrarium with succulents planted inside

    16. A quilted bedspread if sleeping under a duvet is giving you the night sweats. Reviewers say it's surprisingly soft and generously sized, which means you won't have to wrestle your partner for extra blanket at bedtime.

    the quilted bedspread on a neatly made-up bed

    17. A ten-piece set of mixing bowls that's *almost* too pretty to stash in your drawers. Each comes with a corresponding lid, which means you can use them for everything from marinating chicken to storing leftovers.

    a set of patterned melamine bowls with matching lids on a kitchen counter

    18. A pair of teensy tasseled hoops that'll dress up your stack. Reviewers say they're light as a feather and won't tarnish with everyday wear (you won't even have to take 'em off to shower).

    a person wearing the tiny tasseled hoops in their ears

    19. A chic high-pressure shower head that'll convince you to ditch the sputtering one currently living in your bathroom. It's got six functions, so you'll be able to treat yourself to a spa-like spray without ever leaving home.

    a matte shower head installed in a modern bathroom

    20. A pour-over coffee maker with a built-in filter if you're tired of wrestling with soggy paper ones. It's got an insulating cork sleeve that'll protect your hands from scalding java.

    a glass pour over coffee maker with a cord sleeve

    21. A pair of wireless Beats earphones that reviewers say are so comfy, it'll be easy to forget you're wearing them. They have easy-to-use integrated controls and recharge in a flash — perfect if you're running a bit behind schedule.

    a person wearing the slim curved earphones

    22. A brass table lamp that'll dress up your desk, dresser, or nightstand. The arm length is fully adjustable, making it a perfect accent *or* task light (depending on your needs).

    the adjustable lamp on a side table

    23. A dual-magnification compact mirror so you can do quick touch-ups (or tweeze that errant brow hair) when you're on the go. It's got a built-in light, so you'll never miss a detail — no matter what time of day it is.

    someone applying makeup in the backlit compact mirror

    24. A set of stackable canisters that'll help you keep kitchen clutter to an absolute minimum. Reviewers love that they're airtight (and you can even store them in your fridge if you happen to make some perishable treats).

    a set of glass stacking canisters filled with dry pantry goods

    25. A set of garden-themed postcards if you're seriously jonesing for spring. They're perfect for all occasions (like weddings and birthdays), but reviewers say they're almost too cute to give away.

    a boxed set of floral photography cards

    26. A high-waisted tennis skort so you can look stylish both on and off the court. Reviewers say it's not only incredibly flattering, but also light as a feather, so it won't get in the way while you're practicing your backhand.

    A person wearing the skort with a sports bra

    27. A set of rose gold tongs because yes, you deserve to have nice things. They've got silicone tips (for extra grip), plus soft handles that'll protect your grabbers from heat.

    a pair of silicone tipped metal tongs

    28. A soft accessory hammock so you can still neatly store your stuff without shoving it in a drawer. If you're really tight on space, don't fret — this baby can also be mounted on your wall in a snap.

    a three-tiered hammock filled with accessories like sunglasses and a phone

    29. A tree-inspired bookshelf if your current shelving setup is looking a bit drab. The best part? You'll be able to ditch clunky bookends (which means more space for all your fave novels).

    a freestanding bookshelf with angled shelves

    30. A set of colourful desk organizers if your current WFH energy is ~chaotic~. They'll make it simpler than ever to tidy up all your necessities and reviewers like that they have soft pads underneath to keep their stuff from rolling around their desk drawers.

    An open drawer with interlocking organizers inside

    31. An oil cruet with a built-in brush that won't leak all over your countertops. Reviewers say it's *chef's kiss* for greasing waffle makers, pans, or grill tops (and won't get clogged up like spray bottles).

    You when your friends ask where you got your sweet stuff:

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